Choose your favorite package

The package can be upgraded after activation.

Standard Package

(Great value! Full set of additional services)

Special privileges
  • Can continue to release Master / Agent rights.
  • Select domain and enter web logo
  • There are themes to choose from, open the website now.
System startup

50,000 bath

Get an initial credit limit of 200,000 credits.

hold fight

Maximum 93%

Credit deposit

10% deposit (for the amount in excess of the initial credit

Credit price

Weekly credit bill calculated from % of win/loss amount.

Monthly service price

30,000 bath / momth


  • Basic back-end system
  • Automatically send SMS menu from the background
  • Return to menu/commission system
  • Menu function to enhance marketing
    • Innovative friend recommendation system!
    • Point distribution system
    • Wheel of fortune game
    • Rewards redemption shop
    • Give out coupons
    • Lucky Box 
    • check-in daily
    • Ranking system (accumulate to level up)
    • Web page SEO articles

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